1. A Monday or Tuesday night player can only play on a Wednesday night if they play with a Wednesday night player. All scoring will be open (no handicaps apply). However, for the purposes of winning trophies including the Point Cups, a maximum of Four Events with the same partner (except the restricted ones) being the first four played will count. Visitors and guests may play only 3 sessions in a calendar year before being required to join the club.
  2. Restricted events are all Championship Pairs, all IMP Teams and all Ladders. For all these events, club members have been divided into three groups. These are Monday (M), Tuesday (T) and Wednesday (W). The Wednesday restricted events are only open to Wednesday night players, the Monday restricted events are open to Monday and Wednesday players, the Tuesday restricted are open to players of any designated night. The club director under exceptional circumstances may allow a player to play down one grade as a substitute in a restricted event, the result for a pair containing a player playing down a grade will be subject to a 15% handicap for the session or will be scored as a phantom at the discretion of the club director.
  3. The Championship Pairs and the Monday and Wednesday ladders will be run on open scoring only (No Handicaps). IMP Teams will be scored on open results.
  4. If a Championship Pairs night is fouled, the first night of the following event will be used as the replacement night. The subsequent event will be reduced by one night.
  5. Trophies will be awarded as follows:
    • Monday: To the highest scoring pair/team consisting of any combination of Monday and Wednesday players.
    • Tuesday: To the highest scoring pair/team.
    • Wednesday: To the highest scoring Wednesday pair/team.
    • IMP Teams: If the final result is a tie on victory points, IMP points will be used to decide the winning team.
  6. Substitutes:
    • (a) May be freely chosen for open events subject to the rules below
    • (b) For restricted events it is recommended that you obtain a partner from the same designated night as the player being substituted. (Refer Rule 2 above for players playing down).
    • (c) In Championship pairs, each player is allowed one substitute, but not on the same night.
    • (d) In two, three or four night events, only one player is allowed one substitute.
    • (e) Where two partnerships each require a substitute and the remaining two players play together, (i.e. a double substitution), the score may count for only one of the original pairs. The pair must be nominated before the start of play.
    • (f) In team events, four person teams only are allowed, however unlimited substitutes are permitted, provided at least two of the original team members play each night.
  7. Beck Cup:
    The Beck Cup is awarded for tournament play – members receive points based on overall tournament results (plate sections do not earn Beck Cup points)
    1st = 6, 2nd = 5, down to 6th = 1
    The trophy is awarded to the highest point’s scorer.
    Note – if no one reaches 10 points the trophy will not be awarded for that year.
  8. Juventin Cup:
    Handicap event based on points as follows – 1 for Wednesday player, 2 for Monday player, 3 for Tuesday player. Team total must not exceed 8. With the proviso that each team contains at least one Wednesday Night Player, and the club director may use his discretion to adjust the grading of any player he feels is out of his/her grade.
  9. Ladder Events:
    All six nights to be played with a different partner, best five scores to count (only five nights need to be played).
  10. Points Cup:
    Subject to rules 1 & 6. All Pairs events count towards the point’s cup.
  11. “C” Points:
    Will be awarded each night for open (not handicap) scores.
  12. Entries:
    Players should ensure that they are entered for the following weeks play on the sheet provided on the notice board. For any alterations, contact the convenor for the night as shown in the programme. Members whose subscriptions have not been paid will not be eligible to enter for IMP Team or Championship events.
  13. Seating:
    All players will be seated 10 minutes prior to starting time.
    Seating at each table will be determined by each player drawing a card – the side with the highest card shall sit N/S – except when a player has obtained a dispensation from the director. With pre-dealt cards, seating shall be determined by the toss of a coin and the winning pair must sit N/S (except as above).
  14. Play:
    Silence and speed of play are essential. Persistent offenders may be warned and penalised by the Director.
  15. Conduct & Etiquette:
    A copy of the Club rules on conduct and etiquette is displayed on the general notice boards.
  16. Bidding Systems:
    Players are free to play any systems they like on Monday and Tuesday nights and Friday afternoons. However all bids that deviate from the normal must be properly alerted and explained. On Wednesday nights the following bidding restrictions apply: Natural bidding systems and simple precision club are allowed, in addition: Stayman and responses Gerber or Blackwood Ace and King asking bids and responses. The strong two club opening and the negative replies of two diamonds and two no trumps reply to any other strong two opening, the “short” one club opening bid, “weak” two opening bids are permitted. On Wednesday day-time bidding is restricted “No Fears” systems–details on general notice board.
  17. Dress:
    Members are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of dress.
  18. After Play:
    East and West players are responsible for tidying the table. This includes disposal of used bidding slips. North and South Players should check all scores before the score sheet is handed to the computer operator.
  19. All forms of smoking are forbidden in the building at any time.
    Cell phones are to be turned off during playing time.
  20. Membership:
    The Whanganui Bridge Club has the following membership classifications.
    • Life Members
    • Ordinary Members – divided into three groups for restricted events
      • Monday – Senior reserve
      • Tuesday – Senior
      • Wednesday – Junior
    • Secondary Members (S) – pay their NZB Affiliation Fees at their home Club and have the same rights as ordinary members.
    • Associate Members – can play up to three nights per year, plus all social sessions (Wednesday daytime, Friday afternoons and other Social Events)
  21. Club Recorder
    The Committee may appoint a Club Recorder to deal with complaints that may arise on club nights or club tournaments.
    You may contact the Recorder in confidence by telephone, or email (see front cover of your programme).